Kelly and Stone Architects

Molly Boudreau

Interior Design Director

With an extensive background in leadership and high-end residential Interior Architecture & Design, Molly brings a finely-honed creative approach to every project. Driven by the idea that a custom home should reflect a well-developed appreciation of how clients can live their best lives within it, she captures aspects of space, materials and the natural surroundings that culminate in exquisite livability.

Starting out her career as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the Army, Molly gained crucial management and leadership skills resulting in her keen ability to maintain a level head even in the most demanding scenarios.  Her methodical attention to detail brings clever design solutions to her projects as well as steadfast oversight to ensure each home’s interior is manifested with thoughtful precision.

Upon completion of her service as a military Officer, Molly earned her bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture & Design after which she operated a residential design studio focused on whole-house renovations and custom additions in locations spanning from Cape Cod to the San Francisco Bay Area. Fueled by a desire to expand her architectural toolbox, Molly returned to school to earn a master’s degree in Architecture.  Her broad understanding of the holistic design process brings a depth of cohesion between structure and interior that can be otherwise elusive.

Molly is an avid snowboarder and hiker and enjoys archery and fishing, depending on the season. Her deep appreciation for nature consistently drives her focus on sustainable design and treading lightly upon the environment.