Kelly and Stone Architects

Naser Elayyan

Director of Operations

Naser is skilled at overseeing and keeping track of the company’s daily business activities. Managing its resources, interacting, and coordinating with clients and consultants.

Prior to joining the Truckee studio in 2021, Naser was The Head of Architectural Department in an International Company, overseas. Naser has Over 30 years of experience in Architectural Design, Projects Management, and Construction Documents, AS well as Architectural Landscape, interior design.  Naser worked on projects that varies form Classic Residential, Educational, Hospitality, Medical, and urban planning.

Before that Naser worked at HABLINSKI+MANION Architecture. Beverly Hills, California, a firm that specializes in high end classic residents.

Naser received a bachelor’s degree, B.A. in Design, School of Fine Arts, University of California, Los Angeles.

His hobbies include Gardening, swimming, hiking, and lounging at the beach as often as possible.