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Custom Home Design

About Kelly & Stone Architects

With offices across the United States and one in Canada, we design and implement high-profile residential & commercial architecture projects to the delight of our clients. Our specialty is custom home design and construction. View our project portfolios.

We are dedicated to providing innovative yet sensible architectural design solutions. Our designs reflect the unique sites upon which they are placed and the people who use them. With a diverse staff of professionally trained individuals, our architectural firm has experience in a broad spectrum of project types and scales. We look at each project as a distinct opportunity to create something special, regardless of scale.

As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), we are committed to creating energy efficient designs and implementing green building technologies whenever feasible.

Please contact us about any specific architectural services or questions.

Custom Residential Home Design

Custom Home Design

Custom home design, from contemporary to mountain living.

The custom home design team at Kelly & Stone Architects is committed to creating inspired and innovative residential architecture design solutions that meet client specified wants and needs. Residential Architecture is exciting to the KSA team. There is no design challenge we will not embrace. Rather, we see those design challenges as opportunities for innovation and creativity. The joy of residential design stems from the personal relationships that form between the architect and the client. This unique relationship allows the design team to meet client specific desires. Kelly & Stone Architects has an extensive and diverse residential portfolio, from rustic western architecture to mountain modern designs. We use the opportunity to work with varied landscapes and personal styles as a way to explore many avenues of custom home design.

Please browse our residential design project portfolio.

Commercial Architectural Design

Commercial Design

Vast expertise in commercial development, including local projects such as Cugino’s Restaurant and Riverwalk.

Kelly & Stone Architects and our principals have been involved in large-scale commercial design projects and developments, from hospitals in Texas and high-rise condominium projects in LoneTree, Colorado to restaurants and community design projects in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Our approach to large-scale design is the same as for smaller projects: an unwavering attention to detail, sustainability, and commitment to the needs of our clients.

3D Modeling and Rendering


Utilizing the latest technology to create compelling 3D models and photo-realistic architectural renderings.

Our expertise allows us to create eye-catching, cost-effective 3-dimensional models and renderings for nearly any architectural or planning project.

Developers, real-estate professionals, and home owners have come to rely on KSA as a quality, affordable source for all of their rendering needs. Our background as architects provides the opportunity to add a level of detail rarely found in 3D models of this nature. Our team has experience in rendering projects of all sizes and complexity. We encourage anyone looking to effectively market their project to review our extensive portfolio of completed renderings.

LEED Accredited, Green Building, and Sustainable Design

Sustainable, green design principles are a part of every project.

Our goal in every project is to construct buildings that are less wasteful and more environmentally sound. Our staff architects are LEED accredited professionals who support national and regional green building initiatives in order to achieve energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings.

Sustainable design requires energy efficiency, resource conservation, and good indoor air quality. Kelly & Stone Architects uses an initial site analysis to understand the environmental implications of the location, so that the orientation and geometry of the building can take advantage of solar energy while protecting itself from undesirable sun, wind, and weather.

KSA works closely with energy consultants and contractors so that details critical to the building envelope are designed correctly, ensuring the building will be efficient in its use of energy and resources. The design of the mechanical system and the selection of finishes and materials are important considerations for providing healthy indoor air quality. The ultimate goal is to achieve a green home that has less impact on the environment and is healthy for the occupants. As a Gold Certified Member of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Sustainable Business Council, KSA supports local sustainability practices, including the environmental impact of our own business operations. KSA is a proponent of the adoption of a local green building code and endorses using established programs like Energy Star and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). As a member of the United States Green Building Council, KSA understands the global impact the building industry has on the environment and hopes to instill in its clients a better understanding of energy- and resource-efficient design.

Construction Management

Proven experience in all aspects of construction project management.

Kelly & Stone Architects has experience in all aspects of construction project management including permitting, variance proceedings, planning department and city council reviews, design review board presentations, code/zoning analysis, and compliance. The architects at KSA have extensive experience providing representation and support during the construction process.

Kelly & Stone Architects has the valuable skills necessary to present and gain acceptance from local jurisdictions that oversee the building process. KSA knows the required building codes and standards in order to obtain a building permit and approval from design review boards. With experience in these entitlement proceedings, KSA can streamline and expedite the design and building process. Our knowledge of the local construction industry and close relationships with the building and planning departments give us a unique ability to effectively act on the behalf of our clientele, ensuring their projects have oversight and hands-on attention.

Land Planning, Site Development, and Urban Design

Planning and Urban Design

Experienced in the planning and development of both large and small projects in many of Colorado’s premier resort communities.

Kelly & Stone Architects’ skill and creativity are key assets to developers and property owners looking for unique solutions. We have the experience needed to develop quality, creative concepts for land planning and development. Our diverse project portfolio is a valued asset to our clientele. When planning projects ranging from small to large residential developments, destination resorts, and urban infill, KSA has the unique experience needed in today’s market place.

Interior Design

Interior Design

On the leading edge of interior design, KSA is devoted to offering sophisticated, stylish, and custom interior designs.

Kelly & Stone Architects designs interior spaces for the way people live; after all, the home is where most time is spent. Our design team will work collaboratively to deliver creative, functional and comfortable interior spaces to meet client wishes. The scope of our services can range from basic material and finish schedules to full on specifications, drawings, details, and renderings.

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