Kelly and Stone Architects


Our Thoughts on Design

Modern Mountain Home - 581 Martis


We believe architecture should respect and be informed by its surroundings. As designers, it’s our responsibility to create spaces that honor the sites, landscapes, and climates where they reside.


Sustainability guides all of our work. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by prioritizing energy efficiency, integrating responsible materials, and advancing building science.


Architecture should comfort, inspire, and elevate. The function of a home is not only to provide shelter, but also to support the lifestyle of its occupants and connect them to the natural world.

How We Work

The following beliefs and principles guide how we work with each other, clients and consultants.
Our five core values are the foundation of our firm’s culture.

Be Humble

Remain open to brilliance emerging from unexpected sources.

Communicate with Candor

Transparency, truth, and vulnerability are essential when interacting with clients and teammates.

Details Make The Design

Paying attention to details embeds character in our work.

Weave Creativity and Reality

Our work is as buildable as it is innovative.

Collaborate with Courage

Build on the strengths of our practice through gratitude and teamwork.

What Makes Us Unique

We craft bespoke homes for discerning clients. Each Kelly & Stone | Architects (KS|a) home is custom designed to serve the extraordinary people who will inhabit it.

Our innovative designs are shaped by our global experience. A breadth of project experiences and influences inspires our work.

Our clients enjoy a boutique experience and large-firm resources. KS|a principals actively work on every project, and they’re supported by a diverse team of experienced architects and designers.