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Sustainable Green Building

LEED Accredited, Green Building, and Sustainable Design

Sustainable, green design principles are a part of every project.

Our goal in every project is to construct buildings that are less wasteful and more environmentally sound. Our staff architects are LEED accredited professionals who support national and regional green building initiatives in order to achieve energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings.

Sustainable design requires energy efficiency, resource conservation, and good indoor air quality. Kelly & Stone Architects uses an initial site analysis to understand the environmental implications of the location so that the orientation and geometry of the building can take advantage of solar energy while protecting itself from undesirable sun, wind, and weather.

KSA works closely with energy consultants and contractors so that details critical to the building envelope are designed correctly, ensuring the building will be efficient in its use of energy and resources. The design of the mechanical system and the selection of finishes and materials are important considerations for providing healthy indoor air quality. The ultimate goal is to achieve a green home that has less impact on the environment and is healthy for the occupants. As a Gold Certified Member of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Sustainable Business Council, KSA supports local sustainability practices, including the environmental impact of our own business operations. KSA is a proponent of the adoption of a local green building code and endorses using established programs like Energy Star and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). As a member of the United States Green Building Council, KSA understands the global impact the building industry has on the environment and hopes to instill in its clients a better understanding of energy and resource efficient design.

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