Kelly and Stone Architects

Long’s Peak Retreat

Fort Collins, Colorado

This  Net Zero Energy Jewel box of a one bedroom retreat nestles into a ridge of Arkens Park sandstone replacing an older home that had run it’s course. With an understated entry façade, large expanses of outdoor living and view glass cover the West. a large solar array fits around Skylights that bring in diffuse light during the day and afford stargazing at night.

The simple shed roof forms nod to the mid century modern vernacular and were an intuitive choice to focus the occupant to the West. a separation between the great room and master affords a warm outdoor space with overhead heaters and wood burning fireplace completely protected from the Chinook winds that can batter this ridge.

An expressed structural truss, a focal point of the design acts as primary structure over the living space while other steel cantilevers significantly out over the outdoor eating area so as to not obscure the view lines with a column

A louvred cloud adds human scale to the kitchen as well as acoustic dampening to what is otherwise a fairly reverberant room

Interior materials include locally sourced Arkens Park stone, Hemlock structural decking, exposed structural steel and heavy timber, back lit plywood wall panels of various species, Hot rolled waxed steel panel.

Mechanical systems include two air source heat pumps that heat both the 10×10 stainless steel spa that perches on the south end of the master but also heat and cool the whole residence. An induction range makes the great room fireplace the only use for propane in the project.